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JNANA PRABODHINI -SOLAPUR Proposal Project for Health Improvement

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Solapur has the second largest Bidi industry in India. There is near about 50,000 Bidi Rolling
Women in Solapur city. They get Rs. 4,500/- by rolling 25,000 Bidis in a month. Their overall
family income is also low. Most of them comes under low-income group. They hardly mitigate
their need of bread. Their health is neglected. They face various health problems due to
continues seating in one position and exposure to tobacco.

So, we have started Pranayam Classes for those women. Now 300 women are doing Pranayam
through 30 groups. But they need more help for their physical well beingness.

In India, 55 % women are anaemic. These Bidi rolling women also don’t get enough nutritious
food at their home. We predict that most of them are anaemic. So, we want to improve their


First, we will check the H. B. of women coming to Pranayam Class. We will provide nutritious
food for three months to women whose H.B. is low. After 3 months we will again check the
H.B. level. We will enrol 100 women at a time. Such 3 programs will be conducted for 300

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