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Purpose –

Why do we study? This should be known to the children and Indian ‘systems’ should be taught in the future.

The Sustainability that was brought to life is Revive, which is to be a better ‘man’ values ​​have to be maintained general awareness.

For what?

Education leads to a degree and a degree leads to money because a job leads to a better job.
An average of 90 – 95% of people think that this financial gain can be achieved through informal employment.

The Indian culture adopted the pattern of ‘Character Building’ with education without leaving school.

But after 150 years of British rule, we started using education to fill our pockets in real false ways.

If our country wants to show its past ‘golden smoke’ days, there is no alternative to ‘Character Building’. Students are the future of the country. To prepare them for this
is very important.

Character building requires inculcating some permanent values ​​and these values ​​are not inculcated in a month or two.

The seed information of the value is given in the textbook. You have to add experience to inculcate it. In order to grow the shoot that comes out of the seed, it needs to be watered in a good environment and that seed takes root.

Utkarsh School is aware of this. It seems necessary to organize a project for that.

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